Catchin’ Up with Thaddeus Young

Like fellow rookie Jason Smith, Thaddeus Young played an integral role in helping advance the 76ers to the NBA Playoffs in his first season in the league. In 22 starts, Young averaged 10.6 points and 5.0 rebounds, while ranking first among rookie qualifiers in field goal percentage (53.9 percent). Young is adapting to his very first NBA offseason.

“I’m trying to get my rest in, but I’m also working out,” said Young. “I need to stay in shape, but I’m not trying to do too much. I’m mainly lifting and working out.”

Despite a phenomenal rookie outing, Young feels that there is always room to improve. He is taking the opportunity over the summer to work on all aspects of his game so that he turns into an all-around great basketball player.

“I’m currently working on all different areas,” said Young. “I’m working on my right hand and my mid-range game. I will concentrate on staying aggressive…I’m also lifting and doing a lot of agility work. I’m putting up a lot of shots, working off the dribble and in the post.”